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Hello folks, I am sure you all must have heard of Nainital, and its beauty. Many of you are planning for Nainital,  travel in 2020. But before you go there let me tell you each and everything about Nainital.

Story of Nainital :

Once upon a time Princess Sati wife of lord Shiva missed her mother and desired to meet her. She asked Lord Shiva to take her at his father’s palace. Lord Shiva told Princess Sati that your father disowned you many years ago because she got married without his approval. Now she may not be welcome at her father place; hence she should not go there. Princess Sati did not listen to lord Shiva’s advice and went to his father’s palace without informing Lord Shiva. When Princess Sati reached her father’s court, he disrespected her. Unable to accept the treatment meted out to her by her own family Princess Sati jumped into sacred “Yagna” fire and killed herself. When Shiva got the news of Sati’s humiliation and death, he was outraged.

Nainital travel 2020 Nani Lake
Lake side

He marched to Daksha’s kingdom and killed everyone who came in his way. He then took out the burnt remains of Princess Sati from the fire; held her in his arms and started dancing in anger. Seeing to lord Shiva in pain Lord Vishnu cut down Princess Sati’s body with his Chakra into 52 pieces, and the eyes of Princess Sati fell on this part of earth., that’s how this place got its name Nainital In Sanskrit eyes means (Nayan) Tal means (surface) means eyes on the surface.

What to visit?

  • Visit Neeb Krori Baba Ashram
  • Go to Tea garden
  • Visit Ghora Khal temple
  • Visit Naina Devi temple
  • Do boating in Naini lake
  • Roam at Mall Road
  • Visit hill tops
  • Buy decorative candles for gifts
  • Have evening coffee at Boat house club

Nainital travel 2020: Baba Neeb Krori Ashram

When I visited Nainital, I approached in a very different way. I didn’t start from the Nainital city; I began from Baba Neem Karori Ashram One of another big reason for me to see Nainital, someone told me if you ever go to Nainital go to Kainchidham A mystical place of Neem Karoli Baba. Legend has it that Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg and many more came to Kainchdham ashram (40kms from Nainital) in search of answers.

Sri Maharaj neeb krori ashram
Baba Neeb krori Ashram(Main gate)

A quiet, serene well kept small asham in the middle of the mountains is a beautiful sight in itself. You can live in the Arsham if you pre-book through the website. You can meditate or sit quietly or enjoy the Arti at the Ashram. Millions of followers believe that Baba still stays in this Ashram after leaving his body and listen to every person’s prayer. 

Sri Sri Maharaj ji Neem Krori baba
Baba Neem Krori Maharaj

Nainital travel 2020: Stay at Sudha Amar Retreat

There is no dearth of accommodation near Baba Neem Karori Ashram, but SudhaAmar Retreat deserves a special mention. It s the only good hotel just beside the Ashram. You can book it directly or through any booking portals.

Nainital travel 2020 Stay at Sudha Amar Retreat
Sudha Amar Retreat (Nainital)

They have good room service so you can order food in your room or you can enjoy meals at their cosy restaurant.

Nainital travel 2020 Stay at Sudha Amar Retreat

Nainital travel 2020: Ghora Khal Tea garden

After spending/ meditating/walking in and around the ashram next day I left for Nainital in a private taxi (1000 Rs return fare; buses are much cheaper at 20 Rs per person one way, or there are shared taxis also which charge around 300 Rs one way). En route, I stopped at a beautiful tea garden at Ghorakhal –a 1st of its kind in Uttarakhand.

Nainital travel 2020: Ghora Khal Tea garden
Tea garden

You can walk through the tea garden; see the tea leaves being processed and buy tea to carry home as a gift item. Accommodation inside the tea garden was under construction and once built these “machan” (tree-top) type accommodation would have a beautiful view of the mountains and tea garden. Maybe next time when I come here I can stay in one of these machans if they are ready. 

Nainital travel 2020: Ghora Khal Tea garden
Tea making Process

Nainital travel 2020: Ghora Khal Temple

After visiting the tea gardens, my Next stop was Ghora Khal Temple Ghora Khal temple is a must place to visit. This temple belongs to Golu Devta( God of justice) and is part of the folk tradition of Uttarakhand. Golu Devta was a benevolent King. He would travel the length of his kingdom to deliver justice to his people.

Nainital travel 2020: Ghora Khal Temple
Ghora Khal temple entrance

Local people believe that even today if someone appeals for justice in the temple of Golu Devta, he comes for help. The temple adorns a million bells put by the devotees over the years and creates a good selfie site.

Nainital travel 2020: Maa Naina Devi Temple

After taking the blessing from Gholu Devta I drove to the Lake city of Nainital. Upon reaching I first visited the Naina Devi temple to seek the goddess’s blessings.

Nainital travel 2020: Maa Naina Devi Temple
Naina Devi Temple

Nainital travel 2020: Capitol Cinema

The next stop was a 100-year-old Capitol Cinema (built-in 1920 ). In the British era, this cinema uses to be open-air theatre, you still can see the outside sitting space but today its a fully indoor theatre. I imagined how beautiful it must have been to watch a movie sitting by the lake! On the other side of is the city library –an old wooden structure by the lake makes it a heady mix of the old, the new and the quirky. You can sit by the lakeside or in any coffee shop to enjoy the view.

Nainital travel 2020: Capitol Cinema
Capitol Cinema Nainital (since 1920)

Nainital travel 2020: British Library

This library is more then 100 years old. It belong to British era. If you want to read books there you have to contact the front desk.

Nainital travel 2020: British Library
Library at Mall Road (Nainital)

Nainital travel 2020: Boating in Naini lake

The best part about the one day trip to Nainital was the boat ride in the beautiful and clean lake amidst mountains and clouds. Don’t forget to bargain for the boat ride price. One hour is enough if you are in a hurry but if you have time, take a 2-hour ride-the air is clean and the view is exotic. You can smuggle a bottle of whisky on the boat and share a drink with the boatman who has exciting stories to tell!

Nainital travel 2020: Boating in Naini lake
Boating in Naini lake

Nainital travel 2020: Tiffin Top

For a panoramic view and selfie site you can walk up the mountains and visit these tops. The walk in the mountains is worth a mention for its beauty. The view is mostly same from all the hill tops.

Tiffin Top
Tiffin Top

Nainital travel 2020: Cable car

You can enjoy cable car ride to reach Nanda peak. From there you can enjoy panoramic view of Nainital. You can book online or buy ticket on arrival. Travel time is 10 mins and tickets cost 150 Rs and timings are 10AM to 4PM. You can board from Mallitaal.

Cable cars
Cable cars

Buy Decorative candles

It is said that when the Britishers came to settle in Nainital in 18th century they had a tradition of candle light dinners. The local people saw this as an opportunity and started making designer candles and selling to the Britishers. This is one of the popular souvenirs to buy from Nainital now days.

Decorative Candles
Decorative Candles

The food

The momos are ordianary ; the freshly roasted corn cobs are delicious ; the view and food at the boat house club is exquisite but you need to be member or a members guest to enter. Enjoying a cup of coffee watching the lake and mountians from here can be the part of your life long memories. It’s a must visit if you have access. Otherwise the food on the mall road ordianary .

How to reach

One can reach by train, bus and private taxi. if you are going by train, it will drop you at Kathgodam railway station, from Kathgodam you can take private taxi, bus and shared taxi to reach Nainital. Pant Nagar is the nearest airport to reach Nainital.

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  1. Ohk..will surely go there I have heard about baba ji from some of my known. And googled it too . I really appreciate your efforts…a must visit place.. thanks 🙂

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    1. December can be little Risky if you can’t bear much cold. In December month Nainital becomes very very cold, so would suggest you to go to in summer if you want enjoy Nainital fully. 😇

  2. Hi Janmejay!! Thanks for writing a simple yet detailed and informative blog . Can you please suggest me which scenic places to visit if I have just one day to visit Nainital ? Also would like to know what type of local cuisine is popular there

  3. Wow beautiful full place. Pleas can you provide me more information about Neem krori baba Ashram?

    1. Hello,
      It’s a very beautiful place 40 km away from Nanital city. You can take a taxi or bus to reach this place from Nainital city. If you want to stay in Ashram you have to write a mail to Ashram team in advance.
      Here is mail I’d of Ashram:

      1. Ohk..will surely go there I have heard about baba ji from some of my known. And googled it too . I really appreciate your efforts…a must visit place.. thanks 🙂

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