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Hello folks, I am back again with Hampi Travel | Karnataka guide. In this article I am going to tell you each and everything about Hampi in details. What to visit? Where to stay? What to eat?. First let me tell you little bit about Hampi. According to the Hindu scriptures, Hampi is an ancient city and got its name from the Goddess Pampa(Parvati) wife of Lord Shiva. Earlier its name was Pampi but as time passed it become Hampi.

Hampi Travel Tungbhadra River,
Tungbhadra River, Hampi

Hampi is mentioned in the great Hindu epic Ramayan also by the name of Kishkindha. This place is lord Hanuman’s home and the place where Lord Rama first time met Lord Hanuman. At this place, only lord Rama killed king Bali and made Sugriva king of Kishkindha. In later history this city becomes the capital of the vast Vijay Nagar empire, King Krishna Dev Rai use to rule it. The great philosopher and writer Tenali Rama was also in Hampi and was one of the gems of King Krishna Dev Rai’s court. This city has remains of many civilisation under it; that’s why I call it The Time Machine. 

What to visit?

  • Virupaksha temple
  • Vitthal temple
  • Sound pillars
  • Lord Hanuman’s birth place
  • Huge Shiva linga
  • Narshima idol
  • Step Water Tank
  • Hippy village
  • Activities

Virupaksha temple

The ancient Virupaksha temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Pampa. It is a large temple complex with many shrines and usually crowded with visitors and I did encounter a lot of licensed tourist guides outside the temple. They are reasonably priced and do not bother you if you don’t want to hire one. I decided to visit the temple on my own. 

Hampi Travel Virupaksha Temple,
Virupaksha Temple, Hampi

Dedicated to Lord Shiva and his consort Pampadevi, this is the only temple here that is still used for worship. Parts of the temple predate the Vijayanagara empire. The temple, with its nine storied Gopuram, towers above the other structures at Hampi. The ceiling of the Ranga Mantapa is beautifully painted with scenes from the epics and Puranas.

Vitthal temple

The Vittala Temple or Vitthala Temple in Hampi is an ancient monument that is well-known for its exceptional architecture and unmatched craftsmanship. It is considered to be one of the largest and the most famous structure in Hampi. The temple is located in the north eastern part of Hampi, near the banks of the Tungabhadra River.

Hampi Travel Vitthala Temple
Vitthala Temple, Hampi

The iconic temple has amazing stone structures such as the incomparable stone chariot and the fascinating musical pillars. This predominant monument of Hampi is a major attraction of the ruined town and is a must-see for visitors and tourists. Put it on top of your Hampi Travel | Karnataka 2020’s list.

Sound Pillars

The large Ranga Mantapa is well known for its 56 musical pillars. These pillars are also known as SaReGaMa pillars, which are attributed to the musical notes emerging out of them. The musical notes can be heard when the pillars are gently tapped. One can find a set of main pillars and also several smaller ones at the mantapa.

Hampi Travel sound Pillars
Sound Pillars, Hampi

Each pillar provides support to the ceiling of the mantapa, and the main pillars are designed in the manner of musical instruments. Every main pillar is wrapped by 7 minor pillars and these minor pillars emit different musical notes. Every note coming out of these pillars vary in their sound quality and also change as per the percussion, string or wind instrument being played.

Lord Hanuman’s birth place

Hampi is the house of one of the most famous God of Hinduism Lord Hanuman. Local people believe that Lord Hanuman still lives here and protects them from all the misery of life. People think if anyone worships at this temple of Lord Hanuman, all their wishes come true. 

Hampi Travel Lord Hanuman’s birth place
Lord Hanuman’s birth place

Shiva Linga

This Shiva linga is very huge in size. It is inside a room which has an open roof. In ancient time king uses to climb on the roof for offering to Lord Shiva. This is one of the most significant Shiva linga in the world. 

Hampi Travel Shiva Ling
Shiva Ling, Hampi

Lord Narshimha

The huge Lord Narshima idol is situated just beside the Shiva linga. This is a mysterious and unique statue of Lord Vishnu. Local people say earlier there was another sculpture of Goddess Laxmi which was situated inside the lap of lord Narshima, but when Invasion happened in the kingdom, invaders broke the Goddess statue, and from that day a water source has started from the right chest of Lord Narshima’s statue. Till now, no one knows from where this water comes.

Hampi Travel Lord Narshima
Lord Narshima, Hampi

Step Water Tank

This unique water tank lies among the Hampi ruins. The architect has made this water tank in that scientific way that many people can take water at a time without any chaos and traffic. Most of the time it is full of water, but when I came here, it was empty. A must visit place for a different background for your selfie’s. Make sure to include it in your Hampi Travel | Karnataka 2020’s list.

Step water Tank
Step water Tank, Hampi

Hippie village

I decide to visit the Hippie village. This time I have to cross the river with my bike on a boat. After a short boat ride, I travel 10 Kms approximately to reach the hippie village.

Hippi village cafe
Hippi village cafe, Hampi

The village is lined with small cafes, and all serve similar type of food, alcohol is illegal, yet they serve beer. It reminds me of Goa minus the sea. Most cafes have great view-the paddy fields and coconut trees. Don’t forget to put it on top of your Hampi Travel | Karnataka 2020’s list.


  • Rock climbing Bouldering in Hampi is one of the great experience of mine. If you love rock climbing, this is the best place in the world. Bouldering happens across the river. Many stores offer gears and guide at a low price. But I will advise you to carry your own gears if you want to climb because many time they run out of stock. Gear store for bouldering are Gaon corner and Tom and Jerry.
  • Coracle boating The ride itself is cheap, but you have to bargain. It is not the usual boat-it’s a basket-shaped boat –the kind you see with vegetable vendors. A biggish vegetable basket is floating in water.
  • Biking 1st thing to do in Hampi is to hire a scooter –that is if you know how to ride one. I picked up one from near the Virupaksha temple complex for Rs 300/day.You can hire a bicycle too from the same place for Rs 100 per day from a very professional man –Pampa. Apart from money I had to deposit my ID proof till I returned the vehicle. I then filled some fuel from the petrol pump near my guest house.

Local Market

Hampi has a small primary market of few grocery stores and thali restaurants. I could not find sunscreen in the market hence carry most of your essentials when you plan a trip!

How to Reach? Air/Train?Bus

By Air Hampi cannot be reached directly by flight as the town has no airport of its own. Ballari (Bellary) is the closest town to have an airport – 64 km from Hampi. Visitors can reach Ballari by taking a flight and then proceed to Hampi employing local transport. I, however, flew from Mumbai to Hubli (160kms) and took a private taxi which took 3 hours and Rs 2500. The driver was professional, and the car was in good condition. I had booked the cab in advance online from –Book my cab.

By train Hampi does not have a railway station nearest railway station is Hosapete (Hospet). The station is connected to several other towns and cities of Karnataka through regular trains. Hosapete is situated at a distance of around 10 km from Hampi. One of the easiest ways to reach Hampi from Hosapete is to board a bus. There are a few other means of local transport also to reach Hampi from Hosapete.

By road Hampi has an excellent road network and is connected to many towns and cities in Karnataka by this network. There are a lot of government and private buses that travel between Hampi and several towns and cities in the state. Visitors can also hire private cars, cabs or other vehicles from big cities like Bengaluru (Bangalore) or Mysuru (Mysore) to travel to Hampi.

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