11 Best travelling tips for all.

Hello folks, Today I am going to tell you the 11 most essential tips while you are on travel. If you follow these tips of mine, I am sure your travel experience will be more comfortable then ever before. So here we go!

  • While safety is a concern in a few parts of the world, mostly its exaggerated by the media. So use your discretion.
  • While packing clothes as per weather; don’t overpack as there are laundry services available mostly everywhere and you get to travel light. With less luggage, you can hop into public transport easily and save money.
  • Must check weather details of the holiday destination before you zero down on the destination. If the weather is unfriendly, you will not be able to enjoy it.
  • Most airports have easily accessible lounges. They serve very cheap food there, and it is a great option to rest peacefully in transit. So do check eligibility, and you will be surprised most of the time its just a bank debit that makes you eligible!
  • While you should carry essential medicines, others are mostly available everywhere, so they need to overpack.
  • Take precaution in what you eat and where you eat while travelling as health is of most importance when you are on travel. Walk a lot as you may not get a chance to do that on an average day and will keep you fit in the holiday and save money.
  • While you check details online, it’s always great to ask a local to recommend places to visit and where to eat and what to eat. Just so that you don’t miss out on anything.
  • Getting up early on holiday helps you see more and avoid rush hours.
  • Check the area which has the maximum number of places of tourist interest. Try staying in the vicinity. It saves local travel time and money. There would be many hotels in the area, and because of competition they would be reasonably priced.
  • Check timings of public transport; what time the city sleeps; restaurant timings and timings of tourist interest places; market timings and holidays in the week. Plan your holiday accordingly else you may land up in a city on a day when most of it is close.
  • Travelling at night may save you hotel cost but the next day you may be groggy, sleepy and tired and may waste one day of your holiday. Plan your travel meticulously to make the most of the days you have. Also travelling at night may turn out more expensive as you may have to hire a taxi at double the cost to reach the airport/train station in the middle of the night.

Keep travelling!!

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Hello, my name is Ghumakkad Billa(wanderer cat). I am a travel blogger and virtual travel assistant. I help people from all over the world by providing the best travel tips, and tour advises. Follow me to get out best for your holiday trip.

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