Best summer travel tips for all travellers.

The summer has knocked at our door and holiday time is about to start. For summer travelling mountains, beaches and cold places are the best destinations to visit. In this article, I am going to share best summer travel tips for you all. So you can travel hassle-free and comfortably during your tour. So let’s go down and start reading the summer travel tips given below.

Best summer travel tip no:1 Chose right destination

choosing the beach destination is one of the best summer travel tip

Choosing the right destination for summer holidays is an essential part of your holiday. One should avoid deserts and places which are hot. Touring in mountains and water places like beaches and lakes can be the most enjoyable destination during your summer holidays.

Best summer travel tip no:2 Avoid road trips

avoiding the road trips is one of the best summer travel tip

A road trip to any destination is super fun. But always try to avoid road trips during the summer. Riding a bike can be a heat stroke movement for you during the summer travel. A car drive could cost you heavily because you have to keep your car’s air conditioner on all the time while you are on the road. I strongly suggest you avoid it.

Best summer travel tip no 3: Don’t forget your sunscreen

applying sunscreen is one of the best summer travel tip

Sunscreen is an essential weapon during your summer holidays. Buy a good brand of sunscreen which have 50+ SPF. while you are touring out in sunshine keep applying sunscreen after every 3 hours. It will protect your skin from sunburn, and you will not regret your holiday later.

Best summer travel tip no 4: Chose the right accessories

choosing  right accessories is one of the best summer travel tip

Choosing the right accessories for your summer holiday can help you a lot. Always carry sunglasses, a cotton scarf to cover your face, light and comfortable shoes, a cap can save your head from direct heat—a small bag in which you can carry your water bottle, phone etc.

Best summer travel tip no 5: Pack right cloths

packing right cloths is one of the best summer travel tip

Choosing the right clothing for a summer holiday destination is the most significant part of your vacation. Always pack light, slightly lose and mostly cotton cloths. Wearing skin-tight clothes during your summer vacation can cause you rashes and extra sweating. Cotton has the inbuilt natural power to fight with heat. So chose smarty.

Best summer travel tip no 6: Chose the right food

choosing salad is one of the best summer travel tip

Choosing the right food during your summer travel is a vital part. Avoid street side, deep-fried and the food which can be allergic for you. Salads, juices and the food which are cold in nature are the best food for summer travel. Don’t forget to carry your energy drinks and bars.

Best summer travel tip no 7: The water bottle is must

boy drinking water from bottle one of the summer holiday tip

Water is the god of summer, and how someone can live without god. Always carry your water bottle with you to keep you hydrated during your summer travel. Before filling your water bottle at a public place, make sure the water quality is hygienic; otherwise, it can be a big problem for you during your holiday. I suggest you buy a seal packed water bottle.

Best summer travel tip no 8: Book monuments tickets in advance

ticket booking during summer holiday tour

If you are visiting any monuments, I will suggest you book your tickets online (if available) to avoid long queues. Standing in a line in summer can increase your body heat, and you may face fatigue, which can disturb your holidaying mood.

Best summer travel tip no 9: Chose right time to go out

girl moving out during summer holiday tour

Chose the right time to go out during your summer holidays. Plan your tour early in the morning or in the evening when the sun goes mild. 8 am till 12 noon, and 4 pm to onwards is the best time slots to walk out during your summer holidays.

Best summer travel tip no:10 First aids kit

first aid kit for summer holiday tour

Always carry essential medicines with you while you are travelling. Painkillers, antibiotics and the medication which helps in diarrhoea are recommended during the summer travel. Always have vitamin c tablets while you are travelling during summer.

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