Kuldhara Haunted village India

I have heard a lot about Kuldhara (Haunted village) of Rajasthan, India so I decided to visit the place. When I landed at kuldhara, there was no one except an older man who is a ticket seller and caretaker for the site of Kuldhara. I bought the ticket and went inside the village, till this point I was not aware of the story why this village become haunted? And why people have abandoned it?

Ruins of Kuldhara Village

So in my cat curiosity, I got into an empty village, there was no living being in the whole town. The houses have turned into the ruins, and an immense silence has grabbed the town. Earlier when I got into the village I was fine, I was taking pictures, was making videos but after a point, I have started feeling a strange vibe around me. Like someone is following me, I don’t know what was that might be my mind or something else. But there is one thing for sure if you visit the site you feel thrilled, and it is terrific. I did not want to bear that vibes more so after my photography, and I came outside of the village.

I went back to the older man and asked him Do you stay here in the night also? He replied to me he stays there 24 into 7. My curious mind asked again to the old man “Have you ever felt any ghost activities here?” He smiled strangely and replied to me “they(ghosts) are my friends they don’t harm anyone”. I was like what means there is something here. I asked him what had happened here how this village become haunted and why people have abandoned the town, can you tell me about this? And then he started to narrate a story of the most haunted site Kuldhara.

Kuldhara Haunted village India: Story

Ruins of Kuldhara Village

He told me about 200 years ago, Kuldhara was home to the Paliwal Brahmins. It. During this time Salim Singh was the Diwan of Jaisalmer city. He was very famous for his debauchery and unscrupulous tax-collecting methods. One day when he was collecting the tax in the town of Kuldhara he saw a beautiful Paliwal brahmin girl. She was the daughter of the village chief. Diwan Salim Singh told the village chief to give his daughter to him otherwise he would levy huge taxes on them. Fearing the wrath of the Diwan, the residents of the entire village fled overnight, leaving behind their homes and everything within them and cursed the town – that no one would ever be able to settle down in Kuldhara again. If someone will try to restore the village will face paranormal activities. 

Ruins of Kuldhara Village
Ruins of Kuldhara Village

How to reach:

The village of Kuldhara is around 18-20 kilometres from the main city of Jaisalmer. So while travelling in Rajasthan, when you reach Jaisalmer, you can take a cab from the city or hire rental care which will take you to the entrance gates of the haunted village. This site falls on the way to yet another famous attraction in Jaisalmer – the Sam sand dunes.

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