St. Petersburg Tourism 2020

Hello folks, I am back, and in this article, I am going to tell you about the most famous touristic destinations of St. Petersburg Tourism 2020. There are many monuments in St. Petersburg which attract tourists. But below down, I have given the most famous touristic spots of St. Petersburg Tourism 2020. Scroll down to check it.

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: Winter Palace

Winter Palace is the most famous building of St. Petersburg’s. The Winter Palace physically dominates the Palace Square and the south embankment of the Neva River. The palace has played a central political, symbolic, and cultural role in the three-century’ history of Russia.

Winter Palace, St. Petersburg

At the very first the Imperial residence, Winter Palace was a wooden house in the Dutch style. The palace was built in 1708 for Peter The Great and his family. Later it was replaced by a stone building in 1711. Many Parts of the original wooden palace have been restored and are kept in the Museum. The Museum is open to the public now. Empress Anna Ioannovna was the first of Peter’s descendants to reconstruct the palace. Keep this on top of your list St. Petersburg Tourism 2020.

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: The General Staff Building

The spectacular, crescent-shaped neoclassical building is famous for its central triumphal arch, which brings pedestrians out on to Palace Square from Nevsky Prospekt. It was designed by renowned St. Petersburg architect Carlo Rossi and completed in 1829.

The General Staff Building St. Petersburg Tourism 2020
General Staff Building

Before the Revolution building was the house of the General Staff and Tsarist Foreign Ministry and Ministry of Finance. Now, it is home one of the most celebrated and popular parts of the Hermitage’s collection – the art of the impressionists and post-impressionists.

The General Staff Building St. Petersburg Tourism 2020
General Staff Building

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: Church of the Spilled Blood

The Church of the Resurrection, also known as the “Savior on Spilled Blood”. It was built in the memory of Alexander II who was assassinated in 1881. The church stands at the same place where a young man has thrown a bomb into Alexander’s carriage, Who opposed the Tsar’s reforms.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood St. Petersburg Tourism 2020
Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

The Cathedral of the Savior on Spilled Blood attracts people with its five onion-domes. Which exuberantly decorated and covered with jeweler’s enamel. It has a similar façade to St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow. The peculiar multicoloured exterior makes the church stand out from St. Petersburg’s typically strict architectural proportions and colour combinations.

Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood St. Petersburg Tourism 2020
Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: Peterhof Palace

Peterhof Palace is one of the St. Petersburg’s most famous and popular visitor attractions. The Peterhof palace often referred to as “the Russian Versailles” although many visitors conclude that the comparison does a disservice to the grandeur and scope of this majestic estate.

Peterhof Palace St. Petersburg Tourism 2020
Peterhof Palace

Versailles was, however, the inspiration for Peter the Great’s desire to build an imperial palace in the suburbs of his new city. After an aborted attempt at Strelna, Peterhof became the site for the Tsar’s Monplaisir Palace, and then of the original Grand Palace.

Peterhof Palace, St. Petersburg

The estate was equally popular with Peter’s daughter, Empress Elizabeth. She greatly extended the park and the famous fountains system, including the truly spectacular Grand Cascade. It should be a must-visit place of your list St. Petersburg Tourism 2020.

Peterhof Palace St. Petersburg Tourism 2020
Peterhof Palace

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: Reaching by sea to Peterhof

One can go to Peterhof by Hydrofoil boats. You can catch a fast boat from opposite the Winter palace, and it will take about 30 minutes to reach Peterhof’s palace. It is a little costly way but the fastest to reach the palace.

Reaching by sea to Peterhof St. Petersburg Tourism 2020

Each trip will cost you 700 rubles per person. It leaves you at the pier of Peterhof, in front of ticket offices. Here you have to buy tickets to enter the Lower Park. I would suggest purchasing tickets online to avoid queues.

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: State Museum artist’s street

Someone told me in Moscow that St. Petersburg is an artistic city. You will find many artists on the street performing their arts. It is true when I came to St. Petersburg I saw what that man had told me in Moscow.

State Museum artist's street St. Petersburg Tourism 2020

You will see many artists performing their arts on the street near the General Staff Building Museum. I asked a local person what is the name of this street? He told me there is not a name we call it General staff building or Museum. It sounded quite unfair to me so I named this street as an Artist’s street of Russia.

State Museum artist's street St. Petersburg Tourism 2020

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: Local market

There are many old and new markets in St. Petersburg. One can see local shops and market almost everywhere. Many bloggers and travel agencies suggest going to a particular market to shop while you are in the city. But the truth is you will find the same stuff and price in every market.

Local market St. Petersburg Tourism 2020

So I would suggest to all travellers if they want to buy souvenir and items for a gift they should buy from the shop which lie-down nearer in the area. In this way, you can save your time as well as transportation money which you will spend to reach and particular local market.

Local market St. Petersburg Tourism 2020

If you want to buy something from St. Petersburg, I would suggest you buy paintings. St. Petersburg has some finest painters in the world, and you will not regret spending on paintings.

St. Petersburg Tourism 2020: Food

St. Petersburg is a mixed cuisine city. The city has plenty of restaurants which serves all kind of cuisine from all over the globe. Travellers from any part of the world will feel comfortable in St. Petersburg when its about food. After eating bland food for a long time in Russia, I found this Indian restaurant in St. Petersburg. It was rejuvenating for my India masala soul.

Indian food

My Advice specially for Indians!(brown skin)

Generally, I don’t about the negative points about any place. We all know every palace have good and qualities in itself. But I would like to share my personal experience with St. Petersburg. Some places of the city still believe in racism, People reacts differently when they see a brown skin person. Some times they even deny to offer you their services. It has happened with me in person, so if you are brown skin like me, please take care while you are touring in St. Petersburg.

How to reach

Maximum part of Russia is well connected with railways, roads and air as well. One can take a train from Moscow to St. Petersburg if want to see the inner beauty of Russia or can fly if want to save time. By road can be a long journey from Moscow to St. Petersburg, so avoid if you don,t have much time.

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