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Suzdal Russia

Hello folks, I am back with complete Suzdal travel | Golden ring tour guide of Russia. In this article, I am going to tell you about Suzdal the historical city of Russia. So scroll down to know more about Sudal.

About Suzdal

Historic Suzdal is one of Russia’s oldest settlements, dating back to early the 11th century. It’s a serene and charming place, offering a latticework of unpaved paths that wind by churches with candy-coloured domes. The rustic wooden structures and cinematic meadows makes this place perfect. Sip some local medovukha honey cider for an authentic taste of the region.

What to visit?

  • The Suzdal Kremlin
  • Nikol’skaya Derevyannaya Tserkov’
  • Arkhiyereyskiye Palaty
  • Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos

The Suzdal Kremlin

The Suzdal Kremlin is the oldest part of the Russian city of Suzdal. The Kremlin is backdating from the 10th century. Like other Russian Kremlins, it was initially a fortress or citadel and was the religious and administrative centre of the city.

Suzdal travel | Golden Ring The Suzdal Kremlin

It is most notably the site of the Cathedral of the Nativity. Together with several structures in the neighbouring city of Vladimir. it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1992. make sure you include this place in your Suzdal travel | guide of 2020.

Nikol’skaya Derevyannaya Tserkov’

A beautiful 18th-century wooden church of the cage type. The church has been transported from Yuryev-Polsky district for conservation. The condition of the temple is satisfactory, but some details are rotten and require replacement.

Suzdal travel | Golden Ring Nikol'skaya Derevyannaya Tserkov'

This wooden church was built in 1766 in the village of Glotovo. In 1960, the church was moved to Suzdal for restoration and preservation for posterity. A piece of wooden architecture that adds atmosphere to the territory of the Suzdal Kremlin.

Arkhiyereyskiye Palaty

The bishops’ chambers are a part of the ensemble of the Suzdal Kremlin. The complex of chambers formerly served as a residential building for the church clergy. Currently, there are several expositions in the chambers. the history of Suzdal and the Kremlin, ancient Russian painting of the XV-XVII centuries. And a children’s museum centre. A visit to the chambers and the Kremlin will cost 400 ₽ for all and 250 ₽ for beneficiaries.

Suzdal travel | Golden Ring Arkhiyereyskiye Palaty

The bishops’ court in Suzdal was built in the 15th century next to the Nativity Cathedral. A little at a distance already in the XVI century the Annunciation refectory church was built. followed by a bell tower and a house church. The structure of the Bishops’ Chambers in the Kremlin of Suzdal includes residential and farm buildings. the refectory and the episcopal refectory house church. At the end of the XVII century, under Metropolitan Illarion, all these buildings, which had previously stood apart, were united into a single complex with the help of passages, galleries and secret staircases. Also, with him, the northern building of the Cross Chamber of the Suzdal Kremlin was re-built. The bishop’s house is of a large, complex layout, combines severity and clarity of lines with “mansion” and practicality.

Cathedral of the Nativity

The Cathedral of the Nativity of the Theotokos in Suzdal, Russia, is a World Heritage Site. It is one of the eight White Monuments of Vladimir and Suzdal. And one of the most complex monuments of Russian medieval architecture. It was originally constructed during the reign of Vladimir II Monomakh in the late 11th century.

Suzdal travel | Golden Ring Cathedral of the Nativity

The Cathedral of the Nativity is surrounded by a ring of earthen walls in an oxbow of Kamenka River. It is notable for being the first city cathedral not built for the exclusive use of the knyaz or his relatives. The cathedral contains the remains of a son of Yuri Dolgoruki, knyazes of the Shuisky family and others. Don’t forget to put this place in your Suzdal travel | guide of 2020.

360* view of Suzdal/ video


Don’t forget to sip some local Medovukha honey cider for an authentic taste of the region.

How to reach?

There are no trains to Suzdal. so aside from organised bus tours, the only way to reach the city is by bus or car. There is one daily bus from Moscow’s Shelkovskaya bus station. However, a more convenient option is first to visit Vladimir, and then take a bus from there.

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