Delhi Airport revises guidelines for international flyers

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Delhi Airport revises guidelines and has issued a new set of guidelines for passengers arriving via international flights. In a move to step up precautions in India’s busiest airport, anyone arriving via international flights will now have to undergo seven days of institutional quarantine at their own cost, which will be followed by one-week of home quarantine.

Here are the revised guidelines that have been issued by Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport:

1. As per the government mandate, anyone arriving by international flight at Delhi Airport will have to sign an undertaking in which they will have to accept this obligation, i.e., seven days of paid quarantine, which will be signed by the individual, or a family member, and retained by the overseas mission/embassy before the booking is confirmed. This will be followed by 7 days of home quarantine.

2. Those planning to stay in the Delhi-NCR region will have to undergo the mandatory health screening, which will include primary screening by Airport Health Officials (APHO).

3. Passengers will also be required to undergo a secondary screening at the Delhi Government post, after which they will be allowed to proceed to the approved quarantine location.

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4. Passengers seeking exemption from quarantine will need to file an exemption form and discuss their case with government officials inside the terminal on arrival. Further, if you are exempt from quarantine in Delhi and your final destination is another state, you must make arrangements for quarantine on arrival in the destination state with government officials.

5. As per guidelines, those who can be considered exempt from the quarantine rules are pregnant women, anyone who suffered death in the family, anyone suffering from a serious illness, and parents accompanied by children below 10 years. However, they will have to send an undertaking form, along with required documents, to

6. Meanwhile, domestic passengers are required to undergo mandatory thermal screening near the exit gates, whereas those found to be asymptomatic, will be allowed to leave the airport premises. However, they will have to undergo home quarantine for 7 days.

7. The transit passengers will be undergoing temperature checks at both the entry and departure gates before catching their next flight.

Delhi Airport revises guidelines Also, passengers arriving via international Vande Bharat mission flights may only take a connecting domestic flight if it also comes under the Vande Bharat Mission. Passengers who are planning to board onward domestic flights will have to obtain an authorised exemption certificate, if they are coming via non-Vande Bharat international flights, as per the authorities.

Source: Times of India

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