Mizoram is redefining its Tourism plans


Mizoram is redefining its Tourism plans and has come up with a strategic plan to restart the state’s revenue generation through the tourism sector. The state intends to implement a new policy and forward it to various departments of the government for detailed study and present in the next assembly session after ratification from the state cabinet.

“Though the government has an existing tourism policy, we are drafting a new one known as Mizoram Responsible Tourism Policy, 2020 to meet present requirements,” Tourism Minister Robert Romawia Royte told media persons.

He asserted that a reoriented tourism policy is necessary to get the green light from the Central government and other allies for funding. The new policy plans to access the up-market slot tourism, to boost local businesses and job providers, about the local culture, officials said.

As Mizoram is redefining its Tourism plans, they also speculated to ensure that tourism development happens in developing sites after having done a complete survey. A total of 1,61,677 tourists were said to have visited Mizoram in 2019, the officials informed.

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Source: The North East Today, P.C- CC BY-SA 3.0

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