Croatia opens its borders for tourism

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As Croatia opens its borders for tourism has become the first European Union (EU) country to invite tourists. The announcement was made by the Croatian Ministry of Interior on Friday. Apparently, the EU had put a ban on American citizens from visiting in late June given the COVID-19 condition in the US. The union had said that it would reopen its borders for only 15 countries from July 1 and the US did not make it to the list.

The US embassy in Croatia has said that the country is now open to all foreign nationals, including US citizens, for business, tourism, or any personal reasons. But to enter Croatia, tourists will have to give relevant proof.

As Croatia opens its borders for tourism here are some important conditions to enter Croatia:

As per the Croatian Ministry of Interior’s website, tourists wishing to travel to Croatia, are required to bring a Coronavirus test stating negative in the report that has been taken within 48 hours of arrival. Without the negative test, visitors will be required to self isolate for 14 days.

On arrival at the airport, travellers will have to fill a travel registration form, wherein visitors will have to mention their reason for visiting the country.

Travellers will also have to provide proof of their accommodation bookings.

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Source: Times of India

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