Nepal to reopen Everest to climbers Post COVID

Nepal to reopen Everest to climbers Post COVID, Nepal will reopen its Himalayan mountains including Mount Everest to climbers for the autumn season, officials said on Thursday, to boost the tourism-dependent economy despite rising coronavirus infections. Home to eight of the world’s 14 tallest mountains, Nepal shut down climbing and trekking in March to stemContinue reading “Nepal to reopen Everest to climbers Post COVID”

Nepal is reopening after COVID-19

Nepal is reopening after COVID-19. Nepal will resume domestic and international flight operations starting from August 17. Over four months after they were suspended due to the COVID-19 pandemic. On March 20, the government had banned all passengers, including Nepalis, from entering the country. Four days later, it imposed a nationwide lockdown to limit theContinue reading “Nepal is reopening after COVID-19”

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