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Hello, my name is Ghumakkad Billa(wanderer cat), a travel blogger and a virtual travel assistant. After travelling the globe in last ten years with the best of my knowledge, I provide the best travel tips, and tour advises to travellers. Poke me to get out best from your holiday trip.

Why I am here:

My aim to be here is very different. I sponsor a free tour every month for a kid with cancer, who has desire to see the world. I seek the support from you people out there in this cause. Please subscribe to my blog and hire me as a virtual travel assistant to prevent a dream perishes furthermore.

What can I do for you:

  • Free of cost travel advise.
  • Customised unique tour packages.
  • Couple activities packages.
  • Historical packages.
  • Spiritual journey packages.
  • Off the beaten explorer packages for newly married couples.
  • Free of cost visa advice.

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Thailand reopening may not happen this year

Thailand reopening may not happen this year. While many countries are rushing to reopen their borders to international tourists, one of the beloved destinations in Asia, Thailand, is not jumping the bandwagon. A prediction from a deputy governor of the Tourism Authority of Thailand claimed that the country may remain closed until the end ofContinue reading “Thailand reopening may not happen this year”


Meghalaya to reboot tourism with niche tourism

Meghalaya to reboot tourism with niche tourism. Meghalaya Government is on the throes of reviving tourism industry from its present comatose state by adopting a revised strategy of “high value, low volume” as its new mantra. Simply put, it implies that the state would be eyeing the niche tourists among the 1.3 million who visitedContinue reading “Meghalaya to reboot tourism with niche tourism”

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India grants relaxations for international travellers

India grants relaxations for international travellers. The Indian government has announced three important relaxations for international travellers including allowing OCI card holders from US, UK, Germany and France to visit India, according to an official notification issued by the civil aviation ministry on Friday. India had earlier established air bubbles with the above four countriesContinue reading “India grants relaxations for international travellers”

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